Programs & Services

Community Resource Guide

The Cohoes/Watervliet Resource Guide was created for tenants who are looking for programs/services that our region offers. Important information like Government Services, Medical Services, and Emergency Numbers are included. This is a helpful booklet for anyone to use! Call the office to request a booklet.


Albany Human Services Guide

This resource guide was created by the W.A.G.E. Center in conjunction with the Albany Housing Authority and Renaissance Group. Here you will find important resouces available in the Capital District and the surrounding area.

You can find this guide at 



Laptops for Graduating Seniors

The CHA has been able to provide free laptops to our graduating high school seniors that are going off to college. Each year, we receive numerous donations from community members and businesses that fund the purchase of laptops for our student-residents. The laptops are brand new, programmed with the latest Microsoft Office software and anti-virus protection, and are owned completely by the students, given they complete one full year of college. If your child will be graduating high school and attending college in the upcoming fall, please contact the office to have their name be put on the list. 


Santa Visits

The Cohoes Housing Authority works along side with the Cohoes Fire Department and visits our CHA residents each year distributing toys. Organizations and community members donate presents to be delivered at this time. In order for the Housing child to receive a santa visit, they must fill out a form and bring it into the CHA administrative office by the due date. This event usually takes place the weeks leading up to Christmas each year.


Summer Youth Employment

Each year we encourage resident youth ages 14-21 that are attending school to work at the Cohoes Housing Authority. Both boys and girls work in various jobs to help the authority look good and help give a positive experience to the children, some working for the first time. The jobs range from clerical, painting and cleaning. Please remember any child under 18 years of age needs working papers.



Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By World

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World is a book and a 12-session curriculum that helps individuals in poverty build their resources for a more prosperous life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Cohoes Bridges Out of Poverty and the Albany Ladies of Charity are now working with the CHA to recruit participants and mentors to partake in upcoming curriculum cycles of the program.  At the end of the 12 week cycle, a graduation ceremony is held to recognize the accomplishments of the participants and encourage other community members to get involved. To get involved in the program or to recommend a participant, call the Cohoes Housing Authority office at 518-235-4500.


Free WIFI for Tenants

The CHA offers every tenant living in our family sites at housingare offered free Wifi connection for their home. This service is used to help our tenants stay better connected with us and with the community. Call our office to set up a Wifi password.


Email Notifications

It is important for the CHA to staff to stay connected with all residents. To better support this goal, the Housing Authority frequently sends out e-mail notifications regarding upcoming events, opportunities for tenants, and policy changes. Be sure we have your most current e-mail so you can start receiving these notifications today.